Bart's Potty Tabs

Bart's Potty Tabs

Potty training has never been so easy!

Potty train your little one in three simple steps.

Potty Tabs' unique composition naturally cleans the potty or the toilet.Potty Tabs help motivate children to use the potty regularly.

Potty Tabs are made from safe, natural and recyclable materials.

Potty Tabs are completely soluble, flushable and harmless.

The key to Potty Tabs' success in your little one’s transition to potty is focused on natural curiosity.


POTTY TABS offers three types of motivational tablets, each with a different visual and sound effect. Every POTTY TABS package contains a mixture of 20 unique motivational tablets, which makes every use different than the last. POTTY TABS do not leave any trace, were not tested on animals, are made from safe and recyclable materials, mainly natural, and their unique properties clean the potty or the toilet too.




  • eco-friendly;


  • completely soluble, flushable and harmless;


  • are made from recyclable materials including their packaging; AND


  • as a bonus for parents, their unique composition naturally cleans the potty or the toilet.


To help keep learning continuous, we chose a compact design for POTTY TABS, so you can have them with you any time – at home, when visiting grandma, or even on a trip.


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