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Developed by Barts' Company (www.bartscompany.com) in collaboration with parents, pediatricians and child psychologists, POTTY TABS are primarily a fun way to teach your little ones to use the potty. Designed to embrace your child’s natural curiosity, and keep them interested, which is key to their successful development.

POTTY TABS are a simple and interesting way to engage a child in an otherwise uninteresting activity, and to keep them interested, saving you precious time.


Modern approach

When someone tries to pin a child to a potty by placing them on it too regularly, apply pressure, increase their voice volume, this can have a negative effect.  A child needs time, a positive attitude, and ideally an internal motivation. When your little one enjoys going to the potty, you no longer need to place them there, and there is no reason for them to return to nappies.

Experts agree that the increased use of disposable nappies has lead to later transition to potty in modern children.  We cannot expect for disposable nappies to ever be obsolete, and grandma’s advice will always be invaluable, however POTTY TABS are the answer for today’s parents who are looking to make that step in the modern way.


Support independence and autonomy

Psychologists all over the world agree that potty training is one of the most important events that can affect a child’s mental development, so taking a positive approach can play a very significant role in their lives.


Internal motivation

Research has shown that in order to keep your child interested in potty training, the motivation needs to change constantly. When your little one enjoys the motivation, they will want to go to the potty on their own, again and again, until the practice becomes a habit. 

It is a proven fact, that through internal motivation techniques we can get the best outcomes. Where we do something for our own inner positive feeling, rather than for a reward such as praise - or on demand. If we enjoy the learning process itself, then any external motivation is internalised. It is exactly on this principle that inspired us to create POTTY TABS.

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